St. Michael’s is staffed by a team of dedicated staff members.

Teachers and educational assistants participate in regular professional development as well as spiritual development sessions throughout the year. All staff members work hard to provide for the needs of all students and to organize and lead many student experiences and activities. 


Teaching Staff

Kindergarten – Mrs. Chioccarello (a.m.) & Mrs. Montonen (p.m.)

Grade 1 – Mrs. Orr (M- Th) & Mrs. Montonen (F)

Grade 2 – Mrs. McConnachie (M,T,W) and Mr. Bourchier (Th, F)

Grade 3 –Mrs. Berno

Grade 4 – Mrs. Mocci

Grade 5 – Mrs. Kruk

Grade 6 – Mrs. Foyle

Grade 7 – Mrs. Davis

P.E.– Mr. Bourchier

Support Staff

Student Special Needs Support Manager – Mrs. Makway

Educational Assistants – Ms. Baga, Mrs. Bedin, Mrs. Moro, Mrs. Adrian,                                                                    Miss Robertson, Ms. Schmidt, Mrs. Greenwood

Maintenance / Custodian – Mr. Golding 

Administration Assistant – Mrs. D. Simister

Little Saints Junior Kindergarten – Mrs. Makay, Mrs. Casler, Mrs. Penney,                                                                                 Mrs. Laratta, Mrs. Bharmal

Kids Care Center Morning Care - Mrs. Casler, Mrs. Bedin,

Afterschool Care - Mrs. Makay, Mrs. Pengelly, Ms. Robertson, Ms. Baga