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Trail, B.C., Canada

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8:00–3:30 Mon-Fri

School Hours
8:40–2:55 Mon-Fri
Recess 10:10-10:25
Lunch 12:00–12:15
Lunch Recess 12:15–12:55

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Nelson

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  Student Tuition
Thank-You for your interest in St. Michael's Catholic Elementary School
St Michael’s School is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Group 1 Independent School, entitling us to the maximum funding available, 50% of the per pupil operating cost of the local school district (no funds are provided for capital expenditures). Other funds are obtained by tuition fees, parish subsidies, fund-raising activities, donations and bequests.

St Michael’s School is a member of the Society of Independent Schools of the Nelson Diocese and accepts donations and issues income tax receipts.
** Most, if not all of your questions can be answered by downloading our Registration Package. If after reading through the Registration material you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact the school directly. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
Parents Handbook 2016/2017

  News Letters
St. Michael's School publishes a monthly News Letter which typically is emailed to every parent.

  Friends of St. Michael's (FOSM)
Did you know that St Michael’s parent support group is called Friends of St Michael’s - FOSM? This dedicated group of parent volunteers is very active in the school. They provide a hot lunch to students every Wednesday. They also contribute greatly to projects that enhance our school community – digital tools like cameras, computer lab equipment, monitors, a Smart board, and other valuable equipment, just to name a few. Check out our basketball hoops and tetherballs on the front playground!
See our weekly hot lunch menu included on this site!
  Volunteer Opportunities
All families in the school are required to perform 15 hours of service each year by volunteering. st. Michael's offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Assistance in classrooms, Hot lunch preparation, building maintenance, spring and fall clean up are only a few of the opportunities available to parents to help keep our school running.
Should you have a special skill to offer, please contact the school.
  Fundraising Opportunities
St. Michael's has a variety of much needed fundraising opportunities. Some of these opportunities are: Bakes Sale events at Waneta Plaza, Bottle Drives, Popcorn Sales, Purdy's Chocolates, Poinsettia Sales an annual Skate-a-thon and more. If you have any other great fundraising idea's or would like to donate to St. Michael's School, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Fundraising brings in over $12 000 a year. Fundraised money is used for such in initiatives, like support for our school sports teams or important improvements to the school computer network. Money raised by fundraising allows our tuition payments to stay low; at this time our School Council plans to not raise tuition for the upcoming school year.